Affiliate links are a way for me to get paid when you purchase a product that I recommend. An affiliate link does not cost you any money, and I will get paid a small amount by the company selling the linked product, which helps support this site.

I do not put affiliate links in every post, but when I do, I promise to put a notice at the top with a link to this affiliate policy. Additionally:

  1. I have not and never will take payment, free samples, or other compensation in exchange for reviewing or recommending a product.
  2. I only use affiliate links for products that I have purchased, find valuable, and can recommend honestly.
  3. I will always provide a non-affiliate link next to every affiliate link. The non-affiliate link will have the text “(non-aff)”.

At the very least you should read an affiliate link as meaning that the linked product is one that I have purchased and used, and I recommend it. If you would like to buy that product, then please consider using the affiliate link. However, you are under no obligation to do so, and you are always free to use the non-affiliate link.

On the other hand, you should not interpret a lack of an affiliate link as me recommending against a product. It could be an excellent product, it just means I do not have any personal experience with it.

One exception: I will use an affiliate link when promoting my own products, I will not provide a non-affiliate link, and if there are no other affiliate links on the page, then I will not link to the affiliate policy. I figure if you’re already going to be paying for my product you don’t care if it is an affiliate link or not.