This campaign has ended, and we collected $160 for the Opportunity Grant program. Thanks for participating!

I sold the 100th copy of Clojure Polymorphism on Leanpub! In the grand scheme of things that is pretty small potatoes, but for me this is all new and exciting! :)

I have been involved for a long time in this amazing Clojure community, and in celebration of such an insignificant and arbitrary milestone I’d like to do something to give back.

September 6 through September 16, 2016, I will donate 100% of my proceeds for Amazon sales of Clojure Polymorphism to the Clojure Conj 2016 Opportunity Grant program. You can read about the Opportunity Grant program at the Clojure Conj 2016 website.

I would like to get more exposure for my book on Amazon, and that is what I hope will happen with this campaign. While I could get exposure some other way, I’d rather do something that will help the community at the same time.

If you would simply like to support the Opportunity Grant program, you can do so when you register for the Conj. If you have an interest in Clojure Polymorphism, you can support the Opportunity Grant program and buy it at the same time!

The campaign will run September 6-16, because the deadline for opportunity grant applications is September 16, and I would like to give people as much time as possible to both help with the campaign and make applications for a grant.

Are you with me?

If you would like to buy my book and support the 2016 Clojure Conj Opportunity Grant program at the same time, you can purchase the book through this link: Clojure Polymorphism1. Thanks, and please help spread the word!


  1. This is an affiliate link. I did not link to my Affiliate Policy, because I’m not trying to sell someone else’s product. The affiliate proceeds will also be used to support the Opportunity Grant program.